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For over 100 years, CIRCOR Energy and its brands have been delivering customer focused, highly engineered valve, system and service solutions for the world's most demanding applications.

To make it easier to find out about the products and services that will satisfy your critical needs, please select from the list below that has been sorted by brand.


CIRCOR Overview
PDF Size: 5.8MB
CIRCOR Power Overview
PDF Size: 2.5MB



CPC-Cryolab Catalog
PDF Size: 5.7MB
2000 & 5000 Series - Vacuum Jacketed and Non Jacketed Cryogenic Globe Valve Manual or Automatic
PDF Size: 455KB
SV1 Series - Vacuum Seal-Off Valves and Valve Operators
PDF Size: 33KB
SV2 & SV3 Series - Vacuum Seal-Off Valves and Valve Operators
PDF Size: 37KB
SV7 Series - Vacuum Seal-Off Valves and Valve Operators
PDF Size: 33KB
SV8 Series - Vacuum Seal-Off Valves and Valve Operators
PDF Size: 33KB
SV9 Series - Vacuum Seal-Off Valves and Valve Operators
PDF Size: 33KB

Leslie Controls

Aeroflow Control Valve
PDF Size: 594KB
Aeroflow Control Valve - High Pressure - 900 - 2500 Class
PDF Size: 2.8MB
Aeroflow Control Valve - IOM
PDF Size: 3.4MB
Aeroflow SCV Brochure
PDF Size: 4.6MB
D-Series Actuator 6100-8010 - IOM
PDF Size: 327KB
D-Series Actuator 6175-7010 - Pneumatic Actuators
PDF Size: 234KB
D-Series Control Valve
PDF Size: 1.3MB
D-Series Control Valve - IOM
PDF Size: 692KB
D-Series Control Valve - Technical Brochure
PDF Size: 3.3MB
Desuperheater Solutions
PDF Size: 4.2MB
EconoSteam - Instantaneous Water Heater Brochure
PDF Size: 1.3MB
Heater Handbook
PDF Size: 791KB
K-Max Rotary Control Valves
PDF Size: 1.2MB
K-Max Rotary Control Valves - IOM
PDF Size: 5MB
Regulator Handbook
PDF Size: 1MB


Nicholson Designer's Guide 4
PDF Size: 7.8MB
Thermostatic Steam Traps
PDF Size: 595KB
Mechanical Steam Traps
PDF Size: 1.6MB
Thermodynamic Steam Traps
PDF Size: 668KB
Orifice Steam Traps
PDF Size: 214KB
Air Traps - Liquid Drainers
PDF Size: 406KB
Clean Steam Products
PDF Size: 391KB
Condensate Recovery
PDF Size: 612KB
Piping Specialties
PDF Size: 915KB
Steam Trapping Primer
PDF Size: 1.1MB
Uniflex Couplings and General Use Valves
PDF Size: 366KB


Control Valves General Catalogue
PDF Size: 2.7MB
General Catalogue
PDF Size: 659KB

R.G. Laurence

On/Off Valves Handbook
PDF Size: 4.1MB

Rockwood Swendeman

Bronze Safety Relief Valves
PDF Size: 332KB


RTK Product Summary Catalogue
PDF Size: 8.2MB
Business Management System Solutions Brochure
PDF Size: 1MB
Pressure Reducing Valves 7501-7010
PDF Size: 369KB
Pressure Reducing Valves 7537-7010
PDF Size: 254KB
Pressure Reducing Valves 7601-7010
PDF Size: 319KB
Pressure Reducing Valves 7637-7010
PDF Size: 250KB
REact Actuator Information
PDF Size: 316KB
REflex Control Valve IOM
PDF Size: 18MB
REflex Control Valve Sales Brochure
PDF Size: 1.4MB
REflex Control Valve Technical Brochure
PDF Size: 1.7MB
REflex Emergency Shutoff Brochure
PDF Size: 1.1MB
Shut-Off and Control Valves 5200-7010
PDF Size: 725KB
Shut-Off and Control Valves 5300-7010
PDF Size: 635KB
Shut-Off and Control Valves 5400-7010
PDF Size: 610KB
Temperature Regulators 7100-7010
PDF Size: 233KB
Temperature Regulators 7200-7010
PDF Size: 537KB
Temperature Regulators 7300-7010
PDF Size: 238KB
Thermostat Units 7400-7010
PDF Size: 836KB


Control Valves Brochure
PDF Size: 2.5MB
Oil and Gas Brochure
PDF Size: 3.8MB
Series DK - Desuperheater Brochure
PDF Size: 1.2MB
Series MRM - ARV Brochure
PDF Size: 1.4MB
Series SUL - ARV Brochure
PDF Size: 616KB
Series TD - ARV Brochure
PDF Size: 1.1MB


Type E Main Regulator
PDF Size: 2.6MB
Spence Pilot Offering
PDF Size: 5.7MB
Type J Series Control Valve
PDF Size: 348KB
Type K Series Control Valve
PDF Size: 340KB
Series 2000 Temperature Regulator
PDF Size: 242KB
Safety Relief Valve - Designer's Guide
PDF Size: 1.4MB
Desuperheaters & Noise Reduction
PDF Size: 1.3MB
PDF Size: 238KB