Steam Traps / Condensate Pumps

Steam traps are essential components of any steam system. They are used to discharge condensate, air or other non-condensable gases from a steam system while preventing the loss of steam. Steam traps are generally used in drip, process and tracing applications, and come in a variety of sizes and types to effectively handle various operating conditions.

A condensate pump is used to transfer condensate from a process application or condensate collection area feed by steam traps back to the condensate return system. In steam and condensate systems, damage to plant is frequently caused by pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound, weld metal and other solids, which may find their way into the pipeline system.

CIRCOR Energy offers thermostatic (temperature sensing), thermodynamic (pressure sensing), float and inverted bucket (buoyancy sensing) steam traps.  These steam traps range from highly polished stainless steel versions for sanitary application (clean steam) to innovative variable orifice combination ball and thermostatic traps.

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Steam Trap

Brand Description Product Model Appropriate Solutions
Nicholson Steam Trap Steam Trap Balance of Plant, Condensate Systems, District Heating, Main Steam System, Process Control, Process Heating

Condensate Pump

Brand Description Product Model Appropriate Solutions
Nicholson Pressure Powered Condensate Pumps Condensate Pumps Condensate Systems, District Heating, Process Control, Process Heating