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Steam Trap

CIRCOR Energy offers the most comprehensive line of steam traps on the market. The balance pressure bellows design is constantly sensing changing temperature conditions and is cycling according to those conditions. The standard 10-degree sub-cool allows for quick elimination of condensate, air, and other non-condensables.


  • Welded bellows allow for maximum corrosion, thermal and hydraulic shock resistance.
  • One moving part ensures longer life
  • Wide range of options available, from steam lock release orifice to sterilizer trim

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Nicholson Designer's Guide 4
PDF Size: 7.8MB
Thermostatic Steam Traps
PDF Size: 595KB
Mechanical Steam Traps
PDF Size: 1.6MB
Thermodynamic Steam Traps
PDF Size: 668KB
Orifice Steam Traps
PDF Size: 214KB