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Severe Service Steam Control

For OEM’s, EPC firms, and Power and Industrial Energy Producers who need a cost effective, reliable performing Steam Control solution, the Aeroflow SCV is a Severe Service Control Valve System that minimizes end user ownership and installed cost. Unlike other leading severe service valve suppliers, the Aeroflow SCV product offers ZERO leakage and multiple actuation options in a competitive package.

The Aeroflow Steam Control Valve offers superior performance in a smaller package, utilizing a pressure seal bonnet. The Aeroflow SCV is available with a drilled cage (SCV-C) or a disc stack trim (SCV-D). The Aeroflow Steam Control Valve is the platform utilized for our Steam Conditioning models. Decades of demonstrated performance is now incorporated into this next generation Aeroflow, which features a hung cage, protected seat, pilot balanced trim and ZERO leak technology.

The Aeroflow SCV is well suited for a variety of severe service applications:

Steam Vent - Diverts steam from steam header to atmosphere during startup or upset condition. This requires ZERO leakage tight shutoff.

Auxiliary Steam - Controls steam pressure for downstream header. Typically continuous modulation.

Soot Blower - Uses steam to remove soot from the boiler tubes to increase thermal efficiencies. This application is usually closed and sees rapid load swings. ZERO leakage tight shutoff is required.


  • ZERO Leak Technology
  • Non-Binding Trim Design
  • Quick, Easy Maintenance

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Aeroflow SCV Brochure
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