On/Off & Shut Off Valves – Globe – 2800 Series Fire-Cide


The FIRE-CIDE® series valves are globe-type valves, operated by a manual external lever. This mechanical advantage allows the valve to operate at higher pressures and allows for a stronger return spring to assure reliable, fail-safe operation compared to “direct lift” or “direct acting” valves. The FIRE-CIDE® series valves conform to and exceed the requirements of OSHA para. 1910.1016 (b) (4) (iv) (c). These valves can also be placed on outdoor flammable liquid lines as a sensible safety precaution. They can be tripped manually and instantly by pulling a release pin for periodic testing or manual operation.


  • Fire safe rated
  • Corrosion resistant

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On/Off Valves Handbook
PDF Size: 4.1MB