Control Valves

Control valves play a critical role in the Power and Process industries, as they serve as the final control element in the process control scheme. Control valves directly control flow and depending on the control loop, indirectly control pressure, temperature, and other process variables.

CIRCOR Energy offers a variety of control valves from 1/2” in a fuel shutoff valve to over 72” in a cage ball valve. Our control valve line spans pressure classes from ANSI CL 150 to ANSI CL 4500 and from PN 16 to PN 160.

CIRCOR Energy control valves are available in globe style, angle or 3 way configuration, and are capable of handling a wide range of applications – from general service to severe service. Our severe service offering includes solutions for noise, cavitation, flashing, high vibration and erosive flow.

Our control valves are also designed with a variety of trim configurations and materials of construction to ensure reliable performance and long life. With a full complement of positioners and valve mounted accessories, CIRCOR Energy control valves can be outfitted to provide the speed and accuracy of response and additional functionality that may be required by the equipment owner / operator.

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