Maritime – or shipbuilding – is an important and strategic industry deploying mature and reliable equipment and systems. Shipyards often play a significant role for the regional industrial infrastructure and, with regard to military shipbuilding, for national security interests. The shipbuilding industry includes construction of complex vessels such as cruise ships, navy ships including air craft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines and logistical and support ships, ferries, coast guard vessels, yachts and dredgers.

Ships powered by diesel or diesel-electric motors use an auxiliary boiler fired by diesel fuel and produce steam that powers the ship's evaporators, providing hot and cold water for crew and workmen aboard the vessel. The auxiliary boiler also provides a source of heat for compartment, offices, cabins and spaces.

Auxiliary steam systems supply steam at the pressures and temperatures required to support operation of several systems and machinery, both inside and outside engineering spaces. Some typical examples are constant and intermittent service steam systems, steam smothering systems, ships' whistles, air ejectors, forced draft blowers, and a wide variety of pumps.

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