General Industry

General Industry broadly describes the production and sale of goods and services. Industry can be classified into major groups (SEC or NAICS) including agriculture, forestry and fishing; mining; construction; manufacturing; transportation; wholesale trade; retail trade; finance, insurance and real estate; services; public administration.

CIRCOR Energy conducts business with general industry partners primarily in the manufacturing sector. As the process industries are classified elsewhere, general industry for CIRCOR Energy includes discrete manufacturing where operations generate production in units or batches as opposed to a continuous stream of output.

Unit manufacturing industries served by CIRCOR Energy include textiles, steel, automotive, refrigeration, machinery manufacture, food processing, breweries, water and sewage treatment, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, containers and packaging, mining, steel foundry, metal fabrication, cement and ceramics, and painting & coatings among others.

With an intimate knowledge of how customers run their business and manage their operations, CIRCOR Energy:

  • Is uniquely positioned to fit product to end use across multiple market segments
  • Has innovated the design and manufacture of quality, energy efficient, steam specialty and fluid control products and system solutions that increase plant efficiency while minimizing maintenance costs
  • Offers a wide range of these solutions that are expertly applied or custom engineered to meet the business needs of a global customer base